Why get family photos?

My mum always said she would get family photos done, but there were always the same excuses:

  • When I lose 10 kilos

  • When life is not quite so crazy busy

  • When you kids don’t have gaps in your teeth

  • When I can talk you father into it, as he hates being in front of the camera.

But unfortunately, that time never happened… and for me it's too late...  my Dad passed away suddenly from a heart attack…


This is the purpose behind the über photography brand, to make sure every child has photo with their parents, to treasure as time goes on.

We understand it's hard to find the time to take that important photo of your family and pets and the last thing you want is for it to be stressful. We capture award winning photos, that tell the true story of your family, unlike those awkwardly posed family photos with false smiles. 

We capture from newborns to teenagers to extended families, so no matter at what stage your family is at, we can capture that time in our lives for you. 
Imagine having beautiful family photos you will proudly hang on your wall, that capture real moments with your kids that you can share & treasure forever.


  1. Our online booking system makes it easy to find a time to suit your family. We will send you our online calendar which shows you all our availability for the next 6 mths, so you can sit down with your family and find a time that suits everyone. We know if you are a busy family these sports & activities to work around, so we make it easy to work out a time.

  2. Our beautiful designed studio means that no matter what the weather is your session can go ahead. We have ducted air-conditioning so that on a hot day we can pump the air conditioning so everyone stays cool during your session. No-one wants to be sweating away during their session. In winter and for our newborn sessions, we can pump up the heating, so our studio is cosy warm and comfortable.

  3. Our information guide which makes picking your outfits for your session easy. We understand every mums first thought is what on earth are we going to wear? So we have a custom guide that makes it simple and easy to choose outfits for the whole family.

  4. Our simple pricing structure which makes it easy to understand the costs. We will give you every cost upfront. We believe in honesty and total transparency with our pricing, We understand that every family is in a different place with their budget, so we have a range of options to suit every budget. We take the time to sit down with you and work out the option that suits your family best

  5. Our in person ordering session where we will take the time to find the right size photos to suit your home. At the end of your session we will make a time for you to come back into the studio to view and order your photos. We will show you your photos on a large screen and help you to pick your favourites.

  6. Our easy payment plan options, so that if the budget is a bit tight, you can still order exactly what would like, but have a way to pay it off easily over a period a time to suit you.

  7. Our in our house framing service, once you’ve decided on your favourite images, we can help you with which frames work best for your home and your photos. We arrange custom framing for you, so all you need to do is take your gorgeous framed print home and get it hung on the wall. We can even recommend someone to do that for you, if you husband isn’t too handy with that.

Chris Buechner