My biggest regret....

Why I Wish I Had more photos of my Dad and I

When a house burns down or is destroyed by some other sort of disaster, what do people most regret losing? Barring people and pets, the things that people tend to miss the most are the family photos and other precious keepsakes.

All of the furniture, clothes, and electronics can be replaced, but those school photos of the kids or old pictures of grandma and grandpa are irreplaceable. Many people overlook the importance of family photos until it is too late.

My Dad Was My Best Friend

Growing up, my dad was my best friend. Whenever I had a problem or was upset about something, I knew that he would be there to help me talk it out. If it was something that couldn’t be talked through, he was the shoulder I could cry on. He celebrated my wins with pride, and he helped picked me up again when I failed.

When he died from a heart attack in 2011, it was sudden. He wasn’t sick, and him dying came with no warning whatsoever. I lost my best friend in an instant, and all that I had left where the memories and the random photos were taken over the years.

One of my biggest regrets was not taking more pictures with my dad as I got older. Sure there are always plenty of pictures from the growing up years, but as we all get older, our family photos tend to switch to our new little created families. Most people start taking family photos with their spouses and their own kids once they reach adulthood.

Family Photos are Important

While it is definitely important to take family photos with your own kids and your own spouse, I want to remind you that you will want photos of your parents as well. Life changes quickly. Your parents won’t always be around, and you will definitely appreciate having these reminders when they are gone. I wish that I had more pictures of me and my dad.

Tangible Memories

Think about what you would miss if you lost all of your possessions in a fire as we discussed at the beginning of this article. All those adorable photos of your child’s first birthday? The pictures of your great aunt? These tangible memories are some of our most treasured keepsakes.

So, why aren’t you creating more incredible memories to preserve?

I wish I had more photos of me and my dad, but it is too late for that. However, don’t make that same mistake with your owns kids. Take the time to get professional family photos done so that your kids will have those memories to treasure forever.

How I changed this for my family

When I lost my Dad I made a decision that my children would go through the same feelings of missing out. Like most woman, I don’t like having photos of myself taken. I know I should lose a few more kilos, my hair has a tendancy to go frizzy on the dates I want it to be straight. I’m never sure what clothes suit me best.

But I realized that my kids will never look at photos of me and think any of those thoughts. They will be glad of the memories that I capture for them. So every time we get our family photos done, one of my must have shots is Chris and I each individually with our kids.