Important Times to have professional family photos


Life is full of busy schedules, never-ending to-do lists, and loads (so many loads!) of laundry. With all of that business, it can be hard to work in time for having professional family photos done and documenting all of the milestones. The years start slipping, and before you know it, you are holding your first grandkid and wondering where all the time went.

This rapid passage of time is the main reason why it is important to document your family at various ages. That way you will have something to look back on when everyone is all grown up and living their own lives. These six milestones are good points in time where you should try to catch the memory.

When They are Newborn

Mums definitely have a lot on their plate during the newborn phase, and it can become a bit of a blur in later years, probably due to the intense lack of sleep! Yet, you will never want to forget the exact way your teeny baby looked in those first few months which is why you should schedule a family photo session a few weeks after the birth of each child.

Before They Head Off to Kindergarten

The school years are a huge milestone, and they mark a definite change in your family life. That big-eyed child that once looked only to you for guidance in this world will start branching out. He or she will start forming their own opinions and want to do things without you by their side. It can be a bittersweet transition, watching them change into their own little person which is why we suggest capturing the moment before the big change in a family photo session.

When They Hit the Tween Years

Sorry, mum, but if you thought the transitions were big when your baby started school, you are going to want to buckle your seat belt when you hit the tween and teen years. The onset of puberty will change your not-so-little one in big ways! The physical changes from childlike to adultlike will astound you, and we won’t even mention the personality changes, which are sure to be perplexing! Make sure you mark this time when your child starts coming into their own.

When They Start High School

The beginning of high school is another heart-squeezing milestone because it begins the final chapter of childhood. After high school, your kid will be wading into adulthood, and you will find that your parent-child bond will begin to stretch further and further apart. This bit of time should be captured so that you can always remember the way they looked before they shook off the last vestiges of childhood.

During the Final Year of School

Whatever path your child decides to take, trade school, college, or even graduate studies, you will want to take that one last family photo when they enter their final year of school. This may be the last photo that documents your initial core family before you start adding spouses and grandchildren in the mix.

What stage is your family in? No matter where you are at in your family journey, it is never too late to start documenting it with professional family photographs! We specialize in photographing families, so whether you are expecting your first baby, or they are in their final year of school, we would love to capture this time in your life for you.

Chris Buechner