Why are digitals so expensive?

Why do professional photographers charge so much for digital files?

Should we just get the digital files from our photography session?

Most photographers will give you the option to be able to get the digital files from your session but it's really important to think is this the right option for you.  

Do you print your own photos on a regular basis are all they are they all just sitting on your hard drive or phone?

Have you and been meaning to print out some photos for ages?

Are you terrified that if something happens to your hard drive or phone that you will lose all your photo as you have never got around to printing them?

Have you had time to put together albums of your kids photos?

Did you find the time to complete their baby book with all their baby milestones?

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The true reality

Most of our photos these days are sitting on our hard drives on our computers and never get printed. When you go to a professional photographer it's a perfect opportunity to get some beautiful photos printed and framed to go on your wall. This will mean that your family will be able to enjoy those photos every day, and treasure them forever.

The digital files are generally one of the most expensive options on the photographer’s price list. You've got a bear in mind that that the photographer is giving you full print rights to print from those photos which means you can go print photos as many times as you would like. This may theory sound great but the reality is that most people will never get around to printing their photos and so you end up paying for an expensive product that you never actually do anything with

It may seem like a more expensive option to get the photographer to print it for you but you've got to remember that for the photographer should be using beautiful archival paper that will last your family a lifetime all their framing should be archival as well so all mat boards and glues that are used for framing will last a lifetime. You don't want to go and invest in framing and printing your photos and then have them fall to pieces over time so it's always better to get a professional photographer to print things for you.

Your photographer be helping their clients regularly with how to display their photos on their walls, so they have the best knowledge in regards to what will work in your home. Ask them if you can take some photos along of the rooms you would like to hang your photos and they will be able to help you with the correct sizing for the space you are wanting to display them.

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