3 Simple Steps to Toilet Training

So your little one is showing signs that they are ready for toilet training, but how do you start?

These are our 3 simple steps that we have found make the process easier

Warmer Months:

Starting toilet training in the warmer months makes the process that little bit easier! Because let’s face it, None of us like getting undressed in the cold! Or that dreaded 2am wake up call to go to the bathroom in Winter! Eeek! 

The Warmer months make it that little bit easier to encourage toileting, it’s not too cold and there is no ‘shock to the system’ when getting undressed; This just ensures it is a positive transition for little one’s; when for some this can be a scary process. 

Reward/ Sticker Chart:

Toileting doesn't need to be scary, forced or even super hard… We all love to be acknowledged and rewarded! be4r

Creating a reward chart using stickers is super encouraging and gives them a goal! 

Start small! E.g Going to the toilet 5 times and when they earn that 5th sticker they win a prize! After a week, increase the number and continue the process until this process is no longer required.


My goodness! I can not stress this point enough! 

Routine is everything; this is also something you can request your child/children’s childcare centre to continue for you during the day/day’s they attend. 

Children thrive off routine and structure; it can impact a child’s entire behavior in the best way! 

For example: 

(depending on your morning routine) 

  • Before we brush our teeth, lets go to the toilet.

  • (at day care or home) - Before we go outside to play.

  • Before rest time.

  • After rest time. 

  • Before bedtime. 

You can of course adjust this to fit in with your child’s current routine. 

It doesn't matter so much if they are “successful” in going to the toilet but that they are getting into the routine.

Because when you are first starting the toilet training process, they are still learning what that particular feeling means when they DO need to go. 

You can even make the process fun! Sing a long a little song 

  • Tinkle, Tinkle, little pee

  • in the potty you will be 

  • Poopy, Poopy stinky-O

  • in the Potty you will go

Author, Mandy Brooks, uber photography studio coordinator

In her former job, Mandy was the director for a preschool, so she has loads of experience with toilet training :)


Chris Buechner