Tàve Studio Management Setup

Every photographer needs a customer management tool, to help them streamline their every day running of their photography business.

To run a successful photography studio you need to have studio management software to keep track of everything, which gives you more time to focus on your photography, marketing and selling. 

Táve software is recognized within the industry as a leader in studio management systems. That is why we use it at über photography.

My business starting out photographing around 100 portrait as year. As it started growing I quickly realized that I needed a CRM to help me keep track of things, We will photograph over 700 portraits this year, so can you imagine how hard it would be to keep track of all of those clients?


  • tracking new leads as they come in

  • multiple follows ups to make sure we get them booked in

  • when they decide to book we send them a quote which includes a questionnaire so we can find out more about what they want, our terms and conditions so they are aware of these before they arrive, and a credit card link so they can pay their session fee online

  • all the emails we send to clients are templated so we just personalize them to suit the enquiry

  • we are able to track where each job is at, have they booked an IPS, is there order into production, what has been done for every job

  • we track all payments, so it’s easy to have them on a payment plan

  • we are able to track our lead sources so we know where every booking comes from

  • we know exactly how many sessions we have coming up, so we know when we need to push our marketing a bit harder

  • we are able to track how we are tracking income each year, compared to previous years

and the list just does on and on…….


It's the setup of a studio management system,  that is the most daunting part of a studio management system.

We can take that stress away for you by doing the whole setup for you. We get all the details we need for setup, and then input everything for you. With our extensive knowledge of using Tave in our own business, we can customize this for you, so everything will be up ready and running for you to be able to use it straight away.

The setup will be complete within 10 days of receiving your information and deposit. We will then set up a 2 hour skype call to go through everything with you. We will show you all the back end of the system so you can make changes as you need to, and show you lots of demos on how to use it.

We setup 2 1/2 follow ups calls 2 weeks and 4 weeks after your initial call, to answer any questions that occur as you start using it in your business.

We also include email ongoing support for 3 mths for any questions you may have.

The cost to set it up is just $895. We require a deposit of $450 to start the setup and the balance will be due the date of your skype call.

Tave setup deposit
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What others have said

"Implementing Tave into my business has made running my business so much easier. My only regret is not investing with Kate to set it up sooner. I procrastinated for a long time because I was confused as to which CRM to go with, after having had a bad experience with Light Blue. Kate made implementing Tave so easy. She set everything up and then showed me exactly how to make it work for me. I love how it can do so much to assist me to run my business and I’m constantly finding new and better ways to do things”

Peter Sharp, Tame and Wild Studio

“Setting up Tave with Kate Buechner was the best move we’ve made in 20 years towards streamlining our business. We already knew Tave had the potential to transform our business from a paper trail to a efficient studio management solution, however we were blown away with it’s expanded capability into areas such as client tracking, sales reporting, task lists, the list goes on and on. Having Kate show us how she uses all Tave’s features for her own studio was invaluable and the proof is in the pudding… Uber Photography’s client base is extensive and the level of shooting, client tracking, marketing, and production Kate processes virtually on her own is testament to the software and her grasp of it’s capability. If you feel it’s time to revolutionize your systems and get back your life, get Tave and then ring Kate for the setup… it will be the smartest move you will ever make for your business."

Cath & Richard Muldoon, Vivid Photography

“I’d like to thank you for setting up Tave for our studio. I found your hands on approach was by far the easiest and quickest way to get it configured and running. Though appearing a little complicated at first glance, your ” hands on” workshop, simplified everything , and I finished the day having ready to start using it in my studio the following day.”

Karl Welsch, Welsch Photography