Book your Little Ballerinas session

and help us raise $5000 for the Starlight Children’s Foundation. To brighten the lives of seriously ill children and their families


Does your little girl live in a tutu everyday and do you want to capture this moment forever?

Has your daughter started ballet lessons and is so sweet with attempting her first ballet poses?

Do you feel like your baby girl is growing up way too quickly and you want to freeze time?

Our girls are little for such a short time, and capturing them when they are little will be a memory to treasure forever.


My daughter Millie lived in a tutu until she went to school. She was such a girly girl when she was little. Everyday she would come out of her bedroom dressed in a crazy combination of clothes, but it always had a tutu as part of it. As a mum it was such a joy to watch, as Millie was my little girl after 2 boys. The Angelina ballerina books were always her favourite stories and she loved dancing around the house to ballet music . She was my Little Ballerina..

She is now 14, and becoming very grown up, she is a little of bit of a tomboy and never wears a dress or skirt. I cherish the photos of that time when she was my baby girl. I would love to create special memories of your little girl for you. As a mum of teenagers, I have realized how quickly they grow up. I want to help you create special memories of your little girl that I know you will treasure forever.


Sometimes when a child gets really sick, the fun, play and laughter of childhood seem to disappear. But sick kids are still kids at heart and the fun shouldn’t stop. This is where Starlight comes in!
They replace pain, fear and stress with fun, joy and laughter. And the result? Kids can forget about being sick and just be kids. They help sick kids and their families take a break and find some much-needed joy and happiness during difficult times. That's the difference Starlight makes.

I realized the amazing job the Starlight Children’s Foundation does, when a childhood’s friend 1 year old boy was diagnosed with leukaemia. They spent 2 years in and out of Westmead Children’s Hospital. Hugh battle was a tough one, they almost lost him, and he was only saved by a bone marrow transplant. Starlight was there to support them, and bring some laughter to such a difficult time in their lives.. Hugh’s story has an happy ending. He is now in remission, and is a healthy happy 6 yr old who just started school this year.


To be part of the project there is a $50 session fee (normally $100) and this will be donated directly to The Starlight Children's Foundation. This guarantees that your daughter's image will also be included in our Little Ballerinas book.

The sessions will be photographed weekday mornings between 9am and 1pm in our studio at Gordon, in Sydney's north.

We have an amazing selection of tutus and accessories that your little girl can wear for her session, or if she has a favourite tutu she can bring that too.

Your daughter must be aged between 1 year to 5 years or if over 5 be available weekday mornings.

Please choose a time from our calendar below to suit you for your session