Help us raise $5000 for the RSPCA

every dollar we raise helps dogs to find their forever homes


If your kids have an amazing relationship with their dog, would you love to capture that, to show them as they grow up?

If time just seems to be passing too quickly with your kids; they seem to be growing everyday. Would you love to capture them before they are grown up?

Are you worried that your dog and kids :) won’t sit still for photos but you would love to capture them together.

If you are looking for a photographer who will take the time to get to know your kids, who will be able to wrangle both your kids and pets and get them to relax and fun: then you are looking in the right place!

Our photographer Kate started this project after watching her teenage sons play with her dog Immy; a foster dog, who they adopted from the RSPCA when she was 10 months old. They were treating her like a little sister, cuddling with her on the couch, wrapping her up in blankets, to keep her warm. She wanted to capture those moments for ever.
Immy came to her home as a foster for a weekend, but within hours of arriving she had captured their hearts, and instantly became part of her family.
”She was skin and bones, and you could tell she had come from an awful situation. She was looking us with big eyes just wanting to be loved. She was so amazing with the kids from the moment she arrived. She has become such a loyal companion to all the family”
Kate regularly captures photos of the kids with Immy, and has loved being able to capture their special relationship that all 3 of her kids have with her.

Having raised 3 kids of her own, Kate captures all the real moments and lets your kids be themselves.

There is a $50 participation fee that will be donated to the RSPCA. Every dollar we raise helps other dogs to find their forever homes.

Every participant will have their photograph published in the DOGS AND THEIR KIDS book. 

The photographs will be taken in our  stunning studio in Gordon. our studio space has been designed to emulate a naturally, homely setting including our amazing huge arched windows, a fireplace,  a bed  and seating where  your children & pets will feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the session. Kate your photographer is told every day, you shouldn’t work with kids and animals but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Once you have selected a session time, we will send you a link to pay the $50 donation & complete our booking process.

After your session: You will come back to the studio to view your photos. There is no obligation to purchase photos, but you will have the opportunity to purchase photos, and to help us select the image we will include in the book.