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Kate runs über photography with her husband Chris. Her world revolves her 3 kids Felix, Max and Millie and her fur babies Immy and Sarah. When she’s not working she loves checking out cafes to fuel her love of great coffee!

She has been a photographer over 16 years. Kate's passion is photographing families. She loves capturing the personalities of kids through her photographs. Her ability to connect with families, allows her to capture images that are a true reflection of the families she photographs. She is also the master dog whisperer, and loves to include the families’ pet in her session




Chris is a proud dad to Felix, Max & Millie and a big softie when it comes to his 2 fur babies Immy and Sarah. He loves listening to an eclectic range of music, and in his downtime like most boys, loves spending time on the playstation.

Chris has been a photographer for over 30 years. He is the creative genius behind our brand, a stylist for our sessions, and is the handyman building our sets.

He is the behind the scenes guy in our studio looking after all things technical as our IT guru.



Studio coordinator

Mandy’s world revolves around the love of her life her 11yr old dog Bella; she loves exploring the mountains, finding waterfalls, abandoned places & living her best life.

She is the friendly voice when you call the studio, will greet you with her amazing smile and incredible friendliness when you arrive at the studio. She makes a mean cup of coffee, and makes sure there are always lots of yummy treats and special gifts for kids to take home after their session. She keeps the studio running smoothly and will go out of her way to help you with anything you need.




Cathy-Ann comes from Belgium and with that comes the amazing culinary skills. She loves to bake waffles, bread, any kind of pastries and sweets! When she's not cooking she's seeking adventure and taking pictures.

Cathy loves photographing our littlest visitors for our projects. Her sweet nature helps everyone feel comfortable. The kids often want to stay and play with her for the afternoon.

She is also our retoucher extraordinaire, our expert at removing bruises, scrapes and bandaids, and that little bit of extra “glamourizing” for our mums. She works her magic in photoshop in so many ways!!

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online concierge

#übi-bot loves the online world. In her spare time she loves watching cat videos on youtube, binge watching friends on Netflix and cuddling with her uberdog.

She is the über teams helpful messenger bot, always happy to chat to you to answer any questions at anytime. She always greets our clients with her warm friendly smile, and can help you with most questions, but will always pass you on to one of the human members of the team if the answer is a bit tricky.