Hart Tan and Kate Buechner workshop- TIME VERSUS MONEY

Join us for a 4 hour workshop where will will cover how to help change your mindset from being a photographer to be a business owner. Kate and Hart both run very successful businesses, Kate in Sydney and Hart in Singapore. They have both learnt that the key to their success is their mindset on the way they run their business. Come and learn how they changed their thoughts around what they needed to do differently to drive their business forward.

When: June 12th from 10am-2pm

Where: über photography studio, 768 Pacific Highway, Gordon

Limited to 25 people, so book early to make sure you don’t miss out!


Kate runs über photography with her husband Chris. They have a beautiful studio at Gordon, on Sydney’s North Shore. They have been in business since 2003.

Kate's passion is photographing families. She loves capturing the personalities of kids through her photographs. Her ability to connect with families, allows her to capture images that are a true reflection of the families she photographs.

In 2019 her studio will photograph over 700 families. She has grown the studio from doing 50 sessions a year, and from a husband and wife team, to now having 2 full time staff.

As much as she loves photographing families, she never loses focus on the business side of running a photography studio. The business is the only income to support her family, so she has to be aware of the numbers at all times. She spends as much time learning about marketing, sales and running a business as working on her photography skills.

Kate will cover:

  • How to be more organized with your business

  • The systems she uses to automate key things to make things run more efficiently

  • The key elements of marketing to get 700 clients

  • How changing your mindset can totally change your business

  • She will teach how shooting from the heart, will make your business thrive 


Is spending more time to get more income something prevent you to achieve more in life?

Let’s face it, majority of people understand how to exchange their time with money and that is the reason why it seems to be a stretch every time you think about making more at the expense of less time.

That’s why many will say “I make ENOUGH” to live and stop there?

Achieving 6 figures return is a dream for many photographers and it may seems like an exclusive club. It doesn’t have to be that way...

After more than 10 years in portrait industry, starting from 0 in foreign country, with no connection, no money, we have consistently top $1m every single year since year 7.  Furthermore, using the return allow us to invest in 8 properties.

I like to share my way in how I think and make our business work while only work only 50-60 hours a month doing photography and a few hours a week running my business while achieving 7 figures return year after year.

If you are skeptical, this course is not for you...

This course design specifically for people who has open mind and want to achieve more in life and have more time in life doing what they love and spending time with people they love.

Come and join us and learn how to achieve the best version of yourself.

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