Kids on the Couch project

with your support we can help we create life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses.  


If you’ve been meaning to get your kids photographed for ages, or to update your family photos, then now is the perfect time. At the same time you can help to make the cherished wishes of children and teenagers battling life-threatening medical conditions come true.

Pick a time to suit your family via our online calendar below

Why did we start the Kids on the Couch project?

As a mum I have always felt incredibly blessed to have healthy kids. While raising my own family, I have watched friends battling some very difficult times with their kids. I love that Make-A-Wish is there to support families in difficult times, and to transform ta child’s life in such a difficult time.

Make-A-Wish makes the cherished wishes of children and teenagers battling life-threatening medical conditions come true. A wish is vital. They carefully design each one to build anticipation and resilience to help a child in the fight for their health. Wishes give seriously ill kids hope for the future, strength to face the challenges of their illness and joy from their incredible wish experience.
From the anticipation, to the wish itself, and the memories that it creates – each unique wish journey provides a welcome diversion for children and teenagers going through difficult medical treatments. A wish can also be a positive experience for families in challenging times. A child may wish for anything, and Make-A-Wish will do everything they possibly can to make it happen.

The Kids on the couch project is the perfect opportunity for families to update their kids portraits and to be part of a special project to help us raise $7500 in support of Make-A-Wish. With your support, we can help make the cherished wishes of children and teenagers battling life-threatening medical conditions come true.

Your family will come into our studio at Gordon for your session and will have lots of fun enjoying a relaxed session on our gorgeous designer couch. At the end of your session, we will photograph an special image that will be included in the exhibition. It will includes some props to tell the story of your kids in 2019, You will be able to bring with you a prop for each of your kids that reflects their personality & interests.

Our Kids on the Couch project aims to tell us the story of each family and to celebrate each family's unique story.

Have you always meant to get professional photos of your kids or family done, but time just seems to get away, then this is the perfect opportunity to get them done.

If you feel like your kids are growing up way too quickly, then it’s time to capture them now before those moments are gone forever.

Do you feel like want to freeze time, as you love the ages their kids are at? Imagine having beautiful photos on your walls that will capture this time in your kids’ lives forever.

Moments in time are so fleeting – if you're not quick, they will pass, then change, then get lost forever.

We know its hard to find the time to take that important photo of your family and pets and the last thing you want is for it to be stressful. That’s why were are known for making the process of capturing your family easy and enjoyable, & for creating award winning photos of your loved ones. We're confident our relaxed environment will capture that moment so you can share and cherish it, forever.


What is the Kids on the Couch Project? This is a project in support of the Make-A-Wish Foundation where we will photograph 100 families from March-September 2019 and hold an exhibition in our studio at Gordon in October featuring all the images.

What is in it for the customer? In addition to helping raise much needed funds for Make a Wish Foundation, and have a priceless portrait taken, you will also have the opportunity to purchase photographs from their photography session.

When does our session need to photographed? Between March and September 2019, for a $75 participation fee, all of which will be forwarded to Make a Wish Foundation, families will have a great opportunity of having a professional portrait taken.

Who are the photographers? Kate & Chris Buechner, both award winning photographers at uber photography who are donating their time and talent for the cause.

Can we update our family photos? e would love to include the whole family for your session, in fact we will encourage you to take this opportunity to update your family photos. There is no additional cost to do this.

Can I purchase photographs? Yes, of course you will have the opportunity to purchase photographs. 

Will my photograph be in the exhibition? Yes all those who pay their participation fee and are photographed, will be in the exhibition

Do I get to choose the photograph for the exhibition? Our graphic designer will choose all the photographs in the exhibition to ensure that the design is balanced, but we would appreciate your feedback on your favourite images.