Palethorpe Family

This gorgeous little boy is just ten months old and already about to walk. Mum and Dad are past wedding clients of über and as always I love to see how life has changed for them and have the pleasure of photographing these precious moments. Throughout the session he was fascinated with the flowers and trees around us and I am sure his sense of adventure is going to keep mum busy!

Stimoli Family

We met the Stimoli's at The Baby & Toddler Show in Sydney when we had our stand there in September. It was lovely to welcome them into the studio and photograph their new baby boy with his two adoring big sisters. They were a lovely family to photograph with lots of smiles and cuddles from everyone throughout the session.

Dalziel Family

The Dalziel family were home from Switzerland to visit family and friends with their baby daughter. She was a gorgeous little baby to photograph, very smiley and easy going. She looked absolutely beautiful in the dresses mum had brought for her to wear but I love the nappy only photographs. She has such a cheeky little face and you can really see her personality come to life.

Edwards Family

Mr Edwards is a teacher at my kids's school and he was given one of our gift vouchers when his daughter was born. She was an absolutely gorgeous baby to photograph, full of smiles and giggles especially when being cuddled by mum and dad. It's always so lovely to have babies in the studio and I always have so much fun helping mum and dad to keep them happy throughout the session.

Favourite Finds At The Baby & Toddler Show

Last weekend (September 30-October 2, 2011) we had a stand at Australia's essential parenting and baby event, The Baby & Toddler Show in Sydney. It was a huge few days and we met so many lovely people with lots of new sessions booked. We had so many entries to our give away of a portrait session and a 16 x 24 canvas valued at $800 that we decided to give away two sessions! Thank you everyone for your entries. One of the highlights of the show was exploring the other stands and meeting some of the other talented business owners on display. So we thought we'd give you a brief round up of some of our favourite finds at the Baby & Toddler show.

Tribe Bags - new to the market, these baby bags are so stylish and have an amazing range of colours and styles as well as accessories like the travel wallet.

Babyguru - for reviews of  baby and maternity products and lots of great information for mums and dads, visit Babyguru.

Lunchboxes with Love - this is such a great idea and any parent will tell you that sometimes you desperately need some lunchbox inspiration.

Kaftan Kids - these are beautiful, unique and so perfect for summer. I bought one for my daughter and she loves it!

escargot - swimming costumes for kids. These are beautifully made with really original designs and patterns.

Kate Lauren Designs - linen for kids which is so fresh and beautiful we have organised to have it on display and available to purchase in the studio!

Baby Imogen - Five Months Old

Baby Imogen and her parents were given an über gift voucher from a friend for a family portrait session and I think Imogen enjoyed the session more than anyone. She was a complete natural in front of the camera and was all smiles for the entire session.

As you can see from the photos she is a real little character and I love seeing the obvious delight her parents have in watching her personality develop.

The Hudson Kids

It's always such a pleasure to be asked to revisit a family I have photographed before especially when there is a new addition to the family. I photographed the Hudson kids two years ago and recently returned to photograph them with their new baby brother. Both kids were obviously delighted in their new roles as big brother and sister and spent the whole session helping me and making sure their baby brother was happy.

Baby photography- Lee family

Baby Lee enjoyed his portrait session and was all smiles for the camera. I just thought he was gorgeous and from the looks on mum and dad's faces they do to.  This was a really special session as it marked baby Lee's 100th day. In traditional Korean culture a baby is only seen by its immediate family until it is 100 days old.

Family photography- the English family at home

I just love the eyes in this first photograph, you can already see that these two gorgeous children are related. This is my third session with the English family. I met them first as wedding clients, then photographed their beautiful little girl at 4 months and now their gorgeous boy at the same age.  I really enjoy looking back at previous sessions and seeing how a family has grown.

De Souza family

It was lovely to see the De Souza family again. They were one of our wedding clients and I loved meeting their beautiful little girl.  She was just so happy and could not stop smiling and laughing. The photo with her eyes closed and her tongue peeking out is one of my favourites from the session.

Manchee kids

One of my favourite parts of my jobs is going back to meet families again. When I first met this family Hugh was just 6 months old. Now he is a big brother to his sweet little sister Victoria. I loved including their dog especially the photo where it looks like they are all smiling for the camera.

Edward's newborn session

This was a perfect newborn session. Edward slept peacefully through all photos even with big brother James beside him. It was great to meet Edward and see James again. I photographed him when he was just a few months old. I just love how proud he is of his new little brother.

Aitkenhead family

There is nothing like playing in the  garden with mum and dad on a sunny day and I enjoyed capturing it for them. The Aitkenhead family live in the UK, and come home to visit family at Christmas time. I first met them a couple of years ago, so it was great to be able to meet the new addition to their family this year.