How many photos will I see from my family's photography session?

The number of photos we take during a session ranges widely, depending on who is being photographed and how well everyone warms to the camera.

We aim to show people between 30-50 photos from their session. This means that we are able to show a great variety of images, but we also don't want you to feel overwhelmed with the number of images that we show you.

When we are selecting what to show you we delete any with bad expressions or closed eyes first. Then we go through the rest to pick the best expressions. We believe that the photographer who photographed your session should also be the person choosing the photos you will be shown, as they will have watched your family and have a good idea of what are their natural expressions.

Some photographers will promise to deliver 200 images. This can end up being confusing for you. If you choose to take the digital files of all of these how will you then select what you will display? If you are going to choose a few favourites to go on the wall, its going to be a hard process to get this down to a few favourites.

We always advise people, when you are looking for a photographer for your family, rather than focusing on how many photos they photographer will deliver, focus on looking at the images, and making sure that what they are creating is really what you imagine cvapturing of your fmaily.