How many photos to expect from a 1 hour session?

We don't have a set number of photos that we show you. We generally take around 200-300 photos during your session. A lot of these will be duplicates, we take extra to make sure that no-one has their eyes closed.

After your session, we go through those photos and pick the best ones. At our studio the photographer that photographed your session will always be the one who edits your photos. When we are working with your family, we are watching for expressions, so that when we pick the photos we can pick the ones that really capture you.

When you come back into our studio for your ordering session we will show you between 20-50 photos that are the absolute best. We find if we show you too many photos, then it gets confusing and hard to narrow down your favourites. We will always show you a few photos from a set, so you can then pick your favourite expressions.