During the month of July 2017, we are looking for Mothers and Their Children to be photographed for an upcoming book called “A Mother and her Children.. and unbreakable bond”. To be part of this exciting initiative, you can simply RESERVE your spot with your $51 participation fee, all of which will be forwarded to Beyond Blue, to help raise our target of $10,000.

Australia’s top portrait photographers are donating their talent and their time, and with your help  are planning to help raise $10,000 for Beyond Blue. The participating photographers are some of Australia’s best and they look forward to photographing you for this project.

beyondblue provides information and support to help everyone in Australia achieve their best possible mental health, whatever their age and wherever they live. 

To be part of this exciting fundraising initiative simply register below with your $51 participation fee, all of which will be forwarded to Beyond Blue. We will then contact you to arrange a time for your session. If you have any questions please call us on 9499 8797.


What is National Family Portrait Month? National Family Portrait Month is in the month of July 2017 and is a national fundraising effort to help raise $10,000 for the the beyondblue charity..

What is in it for the customer? In addition to helping raise much needed funds for beyondblue, and have a priceless  portrait taken, you will also have the opportunity to purchase photographs from their photography session.

What month is it held? Annually, during July, for a $51 participation fee, all of which will be forwarded to beyondblue, mothers and their children have a great opportunity of having a professional portrait taken that will appear in an inspirational book, called “A Mothers Love.”

Who are the photographers? Photographers around Australia have come together by making a their own donation to help raise funds for the charity, and are also donating their time and talent for the cause.

Can I have all the family photographed? The photographer will be happy to photograph the whole family at no extra cost, if you would like to take full advantage of the photography session.

Can I purchase photographs? Yes, of course the photographer will give you the opportunity to purchase photographs. Every photographer has their own pricing and products. Please check with individual photographers with any price queries. They will be happy to receive your enquiries.

Will my photograph be in the book? Yes all those who pay their participation fee and are photographed, will be in the book.

Do I get to choose the photograph for the book? Our graphic designer will choose all the photographs in the book to ensure that the design is balanced.

When will the book be published? There will be a separate special edition book produced for each state represented. We hope to have the books published before the end of the year.

How much will the book cost? The price of the book will depend on total number of books ordered, but will be around $85.

Where can I buy the book? The book may be purchased online, or from participating photographers. Check out last years book HERE.

More information about the project can be found on the National Family Portrait Month website.