Wanted: Dogs and their Kids to be part of our DOGS AND THEIR KIDS 2018 book

I started this project in 2016 after watching my teenage sons play with our dog Immy. They were treating her like a little sister, cuddling with her on the couch, wrapping her up to keep her warm. I wanted to capture those moments for ever.  Immy is a foster dog, who we adopted when she was 10 months old. Since then she has become an amazing faithful companion to our family and especially to my 3 kids.

In 2016 we had such an amazing response that we raised over $5000 for the RSPCA, which helped many animals find their new forever home.

In 2017 we have decided to expand the book to include all types of pets. So we had dogs, cat, chicken, rabbits and stick insects included in the book.

Now in 2018 I have decided to focus again on the dogs and their kids. I feel very fortunate to have a special bond with dogs, and I love photographing them, So often by the end of a session, the dogs are curled up at my feet while I take photos of the kids...

I want the images from your session to capture the relationship of your kids with their dog. From the littlest kids who follow them around, to the older kids who just want to cuddle and play with them, to teenagers who treat them like a younger sibling.

The photographs will be taken in our  stunning studio in Gordon. our studio space has been designed to emulate a naturally, homely setting including our amazing huge arched windows, a fireplace,  a bed  and seating where  your children & pets will feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the session. We also have a range of stunning props that we can incorporate as part of your session. The beautifully light controlled environment has been arranged to create timeless yet modern black and white portraits and stunning colour portraits.

There is a $50 participation fee to be part of the project and this will be donated to the RSPCA.

Every participant will have their photograph published in the DOGS AND THEIR KIDS book. 

So how does the Dogs and their kids project work?

1) Complete the form below to apply to be part of our project, we want to know a little about your kids and dogs and their relationship

2) We will email you our available dates so we can find a date to suit your family

3) Once we have confirmed a date for your session, we will send you a link to pay the $50 donation. This will be donated directly to the RSPCA and locks in your session time. It covers your session, and guarantees that an image of your dog and kids will be included in the project.

4) We will send you an email with info on how to prepare for your session, what to bring with you and what to wear

5) You will have a fun relaxed session in our studio at Gordon, where we will capture a range of images of your kids and their dog,

6) You will come back into the studio to view your photos. There is no obligation to purchase photos, but we know you will love them and want to display them in your home.This will be your opportunity to purchase photos of your dog and kids, and we will use your feedback to help us decide which image will be included in the book.


There are only 10 spots left

so apply now to make sure you don't miss out!!

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